Guide to reducing variable costs (g).png

The Ctuit Guide to Reducing Variable Restaurant Costs outlines strategies to help you cut back on costs in order to squeeze more profit out of your revenue. In this guide, you will learn about budgeting, reducing food costs, reducing labor, and reducing overhead costs. 

Guide tofraud management (g).png

The Ctuit Guide to Fraud Management shares key indicators to look for when identifying fraud in your restaurant. In an industry where there is access to food, liquor and cash there is often room for dishonesty. If left unchecked this can have a detrimental effect on your business.

Guide to reviving a restaurant (lb).png

The Ctuit Guide to Reviving a Restaurant provides guidance in determining what actions to take if your restaurant is declining. Running a restaurant is a complex and challenging undertaking, learn to avoid some of these problematic mistakes.

Guide to opening a restaurant (g).png

The Ctuit Guide to Opening a Restaurant reviews some critical considerations for opening a new restaurant. Many new restaurants fail and can be physically and emotionally taxing on owner/ operators. Ensure that you are prepared for the undertaking with some best practices in this approachable guide.

Guide to running a restaurant (g).png

COMING SOON! The Ctuit Guide to Running a Restaurant outlines strategies for effectively operating your restaurant including controlling costs and capital, hiring and training staff, as well as other indispensable management tools and tips.